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Julia Wise Sullivan


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Julia has always been creative.  She began writing at a very young age; poetry, prose, and eventually, songs. Her creativity expanded across the fields of arts and crafts, baking and candy-making, building fruit bouquets, singing and dancing in a show choir, and acting in several plays. She believes the only way to find what you enjoy is to dabble in as many things as you can.

How I Spend My Time:

​It’s important to me to keep those I love close. I spend my free time with family, friends, and my lovely tiny puppy, Lil’ Charlie Adele.

Life Philosophy:

Karma – Do good! When life presents you an opportunity to do good, grab it. It’s easy to do something kind for your fellow man or woman.

Life Goal:

Be happy. I imagine watching my life story as a movie when I pass on. I want to watch it and be able to say “What an amazing show!”

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